Claws in or claws out, you’re not really Weapon X

Let’s face it, X-Men Origins: Wolverine sucks, both as a movie and as a videogame. The X-Men film series had has their high grounds, but this one is definitely not one of them. This movie, and game, showcases a poor storyline that wants to make justice to the great mantle of the Wolverine, just to fall short in every aspect. Every aspect. This game is not the epic tale that previous X-Men installments were, and it really does not fare well for the game.

Story-wise it follows the same story as the movie with a little extra cut scenes and levels to try to spice it up. The animation has a lot of lacking effort, and the voice acting, even Hugh Jackman’s, feel forced. There are many games that feel organic, but this one does not meet the expectations it was set to meet.

There are cut scenes that are just not exciting and never important, so the score on storyline falls short. The game is just a series of “claws in or claws out” on behalf of Wolverine. The characters look good in regards of graphics, but the game falls shorts on scenery so it doesn’t feel really interesting and just looks like an amateurish animation.

The music is okay. Barely acceptable and the sound of Wolverine slashing and grunting and screaming is certainly a letdown and it feels really awkward. It would have been nice to hear something else than just screaming and grunting all the time. Maybe some nice dialogue that doesn’t feel forced would have been nice.

The gameplays is poor. Yes, you have claws, use to them to kill. But that’s really all the game provides. The previous game, “X3: The Last Stand” at least had the choice to use Iceman or Nightcrawler, but now it’s just Wolverine so it gets boring very quick, not like the epic game a Marvel game could be. It’s a shame they didn’t elaborate more on the gameplay. But hey, if you like to slash things, maybe this is your kind of game.

There are bonus costumes to unlock and maybe two or three upgrades but really, this game is really one-dimensional. The game is just one single slash after the next and that is completely boring after the third level. The story is so bland and the cut scenes are just not good enough.

All in all, we can say that the X-Men franchise has very good games, this one is just not one of them. In fact, it is probably the worse. So we would like to give it a five star rating… out of ten. Seriously, it is not that good and you’re probably run to the closes videogame store just to exchange it for something that is actually good.

Sorry, Wolverine, but in this game, you’re not Weapon X, you’re Boring X. Better luck next time when it comes to landing in the big screen and the consoles!

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