In a city with fairytale character, does a werewolf finds his place?

The Taletell series has given us The Walking Dead, and also has provided us with a very interesting take on the Batman. So what could be better in this world of choices than a fairytale version of New York and a werewolf? The premise sure it’s interesting, and it’s actually taken from “Fables” by Bill Willingham. This time, as a sheriff werewolf, you will need all your decision making power to make sure you take the right path in all 5 episodes / chapters. Are you in for the ride?

The game delivers a noir stylish presentation, something that previous games hadn’t exploited at all. It is amazing to see how the visuals change to adapt to this new tale. In fact, we would like to say the adventure and mysterious feeling is very intense, and you eventually find yourself engage by it and hooked by the storyline that gives you a high adrenaline rush whenever you’re making decisions through the screen. It is, like all the other Telltale series games, one to make choices and to make sure you take the right path.

The progression of the game delivers cut scenes and gameplay that intensifies every passing episode / chapter. Every 90 minutes, the game intensifies, make you feel satisfied with the end result. It is fast, brutal and the story progresses more and more with as we reach the five act structure these videogames have been following.

Chapter / Episode 4 can feel a little bit bland, but after the intense rise of action in the previous three episodes, it is only natural one would feel the game needed to soft down a little bit. Maybe not for the sake of the gameplay and action, but for the sake of the story.

Eventually, it is all a build up to the fantastic finale Telltale has prepared for you. This is one of Telltale’s most fantastic endings ever, and with a lot of gameplay and tough decisions to make, it is eventually one of the good ways to end a story.

All in all, the Telltale series never disappoints, and we’re happy to give a five star rating to this amazing game that has provided such thrills and jumps for us. The sound and the gameplay are on point, and we’re happy to have played this game and it has provided us such a rush in adrenaline.

The visuals are spectacular, so if you’re fan gof good story telling and amazing lighting and animation, be sure to check this game. The Wolf Among Us: The Telltale Series deserves a chance and you’ll find yourself hooked.


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