Are you able to survive the zombie apocalypse?

The Walking Dead game is part of the Telltale series and one strong addition to the Walking Dead franchise. While the graphics and technical hiccups are something to be wary of, there are many things that make this game really special. One of the things that make it really powerful is the fact that your choice matter. Every time building relationship you have in the game serves as a complement to the story, which take us to a new lead and new characters that need to survive the zombie apocalypse.

The story follows a convicted murderer as she tried to protect a little girl from the rise of the apocalyptic world of the zombie rise. Like the Walking Dead series, it is important to cement relationships that will get you through the dangers of the zombies that roam the world, the walking dead.

The game has a series of interesting graphics that are akin of comic books, which is the real origin of the Walking Dead and it’s really a valuable game. It has a great worth because it is not a standard videogame. It changes the dynamics of videogames by being separated in chapters. Five different sections of the game that promise to take you to a world of survival.

The premise of the game is interesting, acting almost like a prequel to the original series and taking the dynamics of survival to a whole new level. It is very engaging to see how your actions matter. Every twist and turn define the road the game is going to take, and even though it has its glitches, it is very a hooking game because of the power of the road you take to carry on the story.

What is resounding of this game is that it touches emotions, the storyline takes you into places you’ve never expect and it also has a very touching story of motherhood (even if it’s biological or not) and also provides a lot of emotional cut scenes and a satisfying beginning, middle and end. Eventually, it is a great way of seeing the Walking Dead franchise with new eyes.

All in all, The Walking Dead: The Telltale Game is a memorable game, something you should definitely play if you’re fan of the series because it provides a new story to be told and a lot of emotions and gameplay that is exciting and hooking and very special. Even if you’re new to the franchise you’ll find yourself very entertained with the way the story unfolds.

There are five ways chapters to cover, and each one delivers a very intense storyline and a very organic feeling to everything you see. You can play everywhere and that is the beauty of it. We can only hope there are more games like this one that can immerse you fully into the bleak world the Walking Dead franchise has created and will continue to develop.

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