Short Summary

Name: Deadpool

Year: 2013

Theme: Action and Humor

Developer: High Moon Studios

Publisher: Activision

+Very funny

+Great level design

– Limited camera


Deadpool video game is an antihero action humor beat them up game based on the stunning Marvel Comics character of beat ‘em up. It was designed by High Moon Studios and later published by Activision for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Microsoft Windows.

It was released in June 2013 and later (November 2015) re-released for Xbox one and PlayStation 4. Former Deadpool writer Daniel Way developed the video game’s plot while Nolan North voiced the characters.

General Impression

Deadpool begins the video game on the phone with the High Moon Studios’ president discussing its details. It is not the only time he will call High Moon – if he finds a hitch in the world or even wants to complain about a boring part, he will take out his phone and call the president to complain. Other video games developers have tried this feature before but they have all failed miserably.

Pop culture and video game references have been sandwiched between the comic book jokes, which is clear to anyone with a little knowledge of the Marvel world – you will be able to follow the story with ease. Sometimes, the game abandons comic theme in favor of amazing gameplay, clearly acknowledging any shortcoming with funny dialogues that will make you love the story. It is often amazing and playful, consistently exceeding expectations with shocking laughs and crude jokes.

Sometimes, comedy is brought out by the Nolan North voice over; other times, it is brought out by the well-animated cutscenes. The producers did an amazing job in bringing out the humor to ensure that you keep up with the pace of the game.

Graphics and Design

This game is bloody and stunning, offering you access to 3 melee weapons, 4 thrown items, and 4 guns, all of which you can mix and match on the fly. Kicking your enemy into space and then destroying him into small pieces with a gun is fulfilling. The different combo design helps you encounter remain thrilled throughout.

Although it is fun, you might wish that it was a bit more complex or even have the ability to swap weapons like other games.


This action/comic game was developed by High Moon Studios.

Positive and Negative Impression

To begin, the game is pretty funny. You might be worried that it will have silly gag all the way but you will be glad to realize that they are left behind as the game continues. Additionally, the game play is quite satisfying – it isn’t unique but it’s fun. The game’s level design is also pretty solid.

On the negative side, the camera can be a nightmare at times, particularly in limited spaces where you are battling lots of enemies.

Story Summary

By now you are aware that the story starts with Deadpool threatening High Moon Studios to develop “the most awesome game ever.” Then, things start to get heated and a few X-Men become part of the game with Mr. Sinister becoming the main villain. The story will take about 7 to 8 hours on normal difficulty and you will have plenty to enjoy…


If you are a big fan of humor and action, Deadpool video game is for you. It isn’t a groundbreaking invention but you will surely love its graphics.

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