Welcome to a place of madness

Batman Arkham Origins is the beginning of a tale of darkness and madness as you dive into Arkham Asylum for first time in the Batman chronology to face down the most evil and deranged criminals Gotham City has ever produced. The main villain in this piece is Deathstroke, one of the most beloved Titans enemies and one enemy you should be wary off every day, every time, and every minute. Deathstroke is one of those villains who know how to outwit you and whose swordplay is good enough to end you.

Batman Arkham Origins is the next installment in the Arkham series in which you get to play as Batman as you dive into the madness of the asylum that is so iconic in the city we all know and fear, Gotham. This game is really well done, story wise and development wise. It is one of those games you are hooked and want to keep playing over and over again until you’re sated. Which is hard to get because the game is just to engaging and it hooks you and trills you to the bone.

The graphics are greatly done, with every detail very well crafted and amazingly cared for. It really digs you deep into new dark and grim places, and it is scary the way Batman Arkham Origins is made, with every twist and turn very well designed. The cut scenes are amazing. They are made in a cinematic style that really seems like you’re watching a movie. The way those were developed were really well done, with a superb voice acting of legendary actors that once gave life to other animated forms of the characters.

The gameplay is pretty much amazing with new upgrades you come across as the game progresses. It is really amazing using gadgets that have surrounded the Batman mythos for many years, and it is important to be witty and use all those tools you’re given to be able to take down all the villains that roam Arkham Asylum and the new mercenary you’re facing, the unforgiving Deathstroke.

The sound is crafted very well, with every sound very well done and very atmospheric, giving you the chills as you dig deep into the place where madness reigns. Prepare yourself to dive into the mythos of the Dark Knight as the game takes you deep into the world where it all began.

All in all, the game Batman Arkham Origins is one great ride and we assure you it is a solid installment to the Arkham series, one where you face villains that were not used in previous installments, and where the danger is imminent as the Dark Knight faces challenges in his early career that will definitely mark a history in his life, and you’re going to be part of it.

Batman Arkham Origins makes you the rising warrior that one day will be known as the Dark Knight – the one who rises!

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