Short Summary

Name: Batman: Arkham Asylum

Year: 2009

Theme: Action

Developer: Rocksteady Studios

Publisher: Eidos Interactive and Warner Bros

+A lot of ways play

+Quite involving

-Pretty short demo


Batman: Arkham Asylum is an action-themed video game which is based on the CD comic hero Batman. It was designed by Rocksteady Studios and later published by Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment and Eidos Interactive for PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox 360. It was released all over the world for consoles, starting in North America in August 2009, with a Microsoft version following in September 2009.

General Impression

Without a doubt, this video game is one of the best representations of the Batman comic character. While most video games focus on Batman as an effective fighter, this game shows the total personality of the character. As a player, you will witness his superb detective skills, his love of devices, and how he remains affected by the deaths of his father and mother in a robbery.

At any point, you can switch to detective mode and search for any clue, spot hidden enemy, or find weak areas in the surrounding to take advantage – be ahead of the enemies. Batman’s wide range of arsenal sits next to him, including explosive gel, the Batman shines, and Batarangs.  The game feels pretty simple, yet it can be hard when attacks come from all directions.

Graphics and Design

Combat is the first thing you will experience. In fact, the methods chosen for fighting are quite impressive (the designer really invested in them). Depending on just 2 buttons – one to counter, the other to attack – it takes the need of memorizing complex moves as it allows you to focus on flow and timing.

You only need to tap the assault button and Batman will swiftly direct his feet and fists in the direction of the enemy. The game also features buzz lines which flash whenever the attacker is approaching for another direction.


It was developed by Rocksteady Studios and published by Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment and Eidos Interactive.

Positive and Negative Impression

With Batman: Arkham Asylum Video Game, you are guaranteed of experiencing a lot of positive features. First, its graphics and attention to detail are second to none. Its animations are also quite fluid and well-done due to the mocap in the areas. The game also features a dozen ways to play (like the silent predator).

On the flip side, the game has a short demo and its camera tends to be a great turn-off – it gets stuck into a wall when you are fighting.

Story Summary

In this video game, the caped crusader moves his nemesis, The Joker, to the Asylum, a psychiatric or mental hospital in Gotham City. But this is not the story; the Joker’s detainment was a calculated move to unite Gotham’s deadliest criminals, including Poison Ivy, Scarecrow, and Bane, to capture Arkham. Batman must intervene and restore order, and the story continues…


Rarely does a video game do a character the ultimate justice in such a good way. The game has room for every major trait of Batman’s charming appeal and does so in a satisfying game. Fans of Batman will surely get excited to be part of this big family.

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